Our mission

When Solution First was founded in 2005, we needed a simple way to describe our growing business.  So, we asked our clients for input.

They told us, “You help us get things done.”  Simple.

Years later, we’re still doing that, helping our clients make improvements to their business operations that have a meaningful impact.  We help them embrace change and get things done.

In order to survive and grow, all businesses have to change.  The marketplace is constantly changing – new innovations come along that create new opportunities, new opportunities create new markets, new markets require new ways of operating – and the cycle continues.  Change isn’t just a concept or a good idea.  It’s the way of business.

Change can be defined.  It can be quantified, planned for and executed.  Change can be managed – and that’s where Solution First comes in.

We bring experience, an objective perspective and proven methodology to help our clients face the change that will make a measurable difference in their operations.  We reduce complexity, we define programs and we help your team execute and produce results.

Our core skills

Technology Implementation 95%
Change Management 60%
Project Management 80%
Strategic Planning 60%
Training 50%